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How Does An Interlock Work On A Push Start?

How Does An Interlock Work On A Push Start

An interlock device prevents a vehicle from starting if you have consumed alcohol. If a car has a push start button instead of a traditional key ignition, the interlock device will be installed in a similar way as with a key ignition. You must then blow into the interlock device before pushing the start button.

If the device detects an alcohol level above the preset limit, the vehicle will not start.

Once the device detects a clean breath sample, the vehicle will start, and you will need to continue to provide breath samples periodically while driving to ensure that you have not consumed any alcohol during the trip. If the device detects alcohol during a rolling retest, an alarm will sound, the vehicle’s lights will flash, and the device will record the event.

The specifics of how an interlock device works on a push start may vary depending on the device and the vehicle.